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I am entering the email address and password I have always used with NSPA, and it is not letting me log in. What is wrong?
This awards platform is brand new for NSPA. You will not be able to login using your email and password from another NSPA platform until you create an account with this system.

If you are certain that you created an account on this system, you can request to reset your password.

How can I enter NSPA’s contests?
NSPA’s contests (excluding convention Best of Show contests) are free and open to all current members. If your publication has never been a member or its membership has expired as of the contest deadline, you must renew your membership before beginning the contest entry process. For current contest information, visit the awards page of our site. 

Does entering the critique service automatically enter me for the Pacemaker?
No. Contest and critique entries are judged at separate times, in separate places, by different judges. 

Will I get written feedback after the contest?
Contests do not include any written feedback or critique. If you are interested in receiving an evaluation, consider submitting materials for NSPA’s critique service.

I entered one of your contests. How will I know if we’ve won?
NSPA makes the results of contests available as soon as possible by posting them on our website immediately once they are announced. When Pacemaker finalists are announced, all members receive an email with a link to the results on our website, and results are also shared on social media.

If I entered a contest and didn’t win, how can I be sure my entry was received?
Confirmation emails are sent as soon as contest entries are processed. If you received the email, your publication was entered. If you do not receive this email, please send a message to contests@studentpress.org.

Who judges NSPA’s contests?
Judges are journalists or other professionals with media-related job experience and knowledge, sometimes from news organizations that co-sponsor a competition. They review the entries and decide the winners independently of NSPA. Staff members of NSPA provide general written guidelines to judges, but they do not have any other input or influence in the judging process.

I saw the entry forms (or results) from the Newspaper Pacemaker contests recently – where are the forms/results for yearbooks and magazines (or vice versa)?
The Pacemaker contest happens at different times of year for different media, so forms may not yet be available for your publication. Newspapers and broadcast programs enter in the spring, with winners announced at the fall convention. Yearbooks, magazines and online publications enter the Pacemaker in the winter, and the winners are announced at the spring convention. 

I’ve won an award from NSPA and I won’t be at the convention to collect it. What will happen to my award certificate, plaque and/or trophy?
We will ship any unclaimed awards to the school within a few weeks of the end of the convention, but not in advance of it.

I’m looking for information about Crowns, Write-off Awards, etc.
You can find information on the contests and awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (including Crown and Circle awards) on CSPA’s website. The Journalism Education Association works with us at national conventions, and you can find information about Write-off and other JEA awards on JEA’s website.

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